Back to Blighty

Just got back from an awesome trip to England visting family, friends and places like Stonehenge, London.  had a great time, see the photo’s in the 2013 Album.  Worst part was getting back to Arizona to have the A/C pack up with the outside air temp. at 105 – that was a hot night – and not the best kind :P

New Bike :)

Santa came to Sophie’s house and left me a new bike :) I haven’t had a new bike for Christmas since I was about 13 and this is just as exciting, huge thanks to my wife Teresa, and to Sophie for helping make it happen – now I just have to live up to it’s awesomeness.

IronMan Arizona 2013

Well, I did it again, I am signed up for IMAZ13, and another year of training, I have a lot of work to do this time though as I am dreadfully overweight from a year of not really doing very much at all.  I learned a lot last time and have some plans to do it little differently this time, based on my success points from last year.  I need to push harder in the swim and on the bike, last time I tried to save my legs for the run, which worked to some extent but I could have done better.

Food Bank

I volunteered at the St MAry’s food bank today along with another 24 colleagues from work, we packaged 44,750 or so meals, busy day but very rewarding – and eye opening

Easton Wheels, the final conclusion

Well, Easton replaced my front wheel and laced a new hoop to my rear hub, so no Aero upgrade for me, although I do notice the rims are slightly different to the old ones so I hope they have rectified the defect that caused the problem.  The problem was, at least partially, caused by the brake pads, or so I was told, dilemma now faced is do I use the Easton supplied yellow “Cool Stop”  pads and run the risk of inducing the same problem, or do I use the dealer recommended Reynolds Cryo Blue pads that are known to not give problems, but will invalidate my Easton warranty – and will they know if I do!